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  • James Carlon

Transitioning for Summer Season

As the snow melts off from our area, seasonal trail closures will appear until certain areas of the trail dry out sufficiently. As part of the Leave No Trace initiative, we encourage all guests to the area to respect the closures on any of the trails in the network. If you come across any of these signs it is imperative that you not continue around them in any manner. Access to these trails is a privilege and our forestry workers have enough on their hands keeping guests and campfires under control. Thats part of the reason the laws around these closures are so punitive. The statute says that anyone caught ignoring the trail closures may face up to a $5,000.00 fine, up to six months in jail, and a potential civil suit for the cost or repairing the ground. These closures are in place for a good reason as they help to curb the cost of trail maintenance by closing the trails in areas where the ground is extra "soft" from all the moisture of the departing snow. Even without a specific closure we encourage everyone NOT to go through areas that appear to have overly saturated ground. Be respectful of the network and leave those areas until they dry out. We still encourage everyone to get out in a responsible and prepared manner!

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